Thursday, April 19, 2012

Team Baja Near Completion (week 12)

 Felix Danishwara shows off some excellent work in smoothing out this acrylic headlight cover. It was CNCed from a block of acrylic and believe it or not, that smooth acrylic used to look like a jagged mess. After hours of smoothing, sanding and buffing, the team now has an incredible feature for their car. Conceptually, the headlight can be replaced with a video camera. The acrylic cover would have tear offs on the front to keep a clean view during competition.

David Jin shown here sanding the Baja front panel.

The Baja Front fiberglass piece shown as near complete, with final priming and painting needed

Near completion tasks assigned to the Project HFM Baja group 

For mounting preparation, Kat Morse organized and labeled the paint ready baja panel pieces.

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