Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Project HFM Webisode 1

Check out our video to see some of the work that occurred during the first few weeks of Project HFM. When the project is complete, there will be a final media reel documenting the entire process from initial concepts to testing. Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Formula Gel-Coat Molds

After the splitting of the Formula Fiberglass negative mold, positive gel coat molds are formed using a multi-coating process. First, a degreasing compound is applied in addition to a wax coat. The Formula designers then apply a black gel coat, which is premixed with a hardener in order for the positive gel-coat layer to cure. 

Victor Ramos (above) putting finishing touches on the front portion of the negative mold

Greg Vanderpol and Caesar Viramontes applying the gel coat onto a side portion of the formula mold

baja update week 8

 Much progress has been made with the fabrication of the Baja racer. Most of the side panels and vacuum formed parts for the front portion are completed. In addition to these panels, duplicates are being made of every panel in case panels are damaged during trial or competition racing. Designers are now reviewing final assembly with SAE engineers and faculty.


The CNC and clamped mold for the Baja racer's front panel.

Felix Danishwara putting finishing touches on rear panels

Baja Designers working with engineers and faculty on assembly.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Baja Canopy Construction

The overhead canopy for the Baja racer is just about done. Before the actual canopy was constructed, a mock up was created with faux fabric in order to tailor the top of the chassis and accommodate for suitable sewing patterns. After the Mock up, the canopy is ironed, sewed, zipped, and fitted together.

Kat Morse (above left) and Erin Bodner mounting the Baja Canopy Mock-up


The Baja Canopy in multiple stages of construction.

The mold has been split!

The Formula fiberglass mold was split into portions recently in order to make separate attachable fiberglass panels. HFM designers first sectioned off each portion to be cut, they then made the necessary cuts to section off the front and back sections of the mold. The designers then split the front portion of the mold into two. The three portions were then primed and ready for final refinements before a positive mold is made.

Caesar Viramontes (above) Sectioning off the mold for cutting 

Formula Designers making the first of two mold splits

 Each mold piece is primed and ready for detail corrections

Design students observing HFM's progress. You can too by visiting the design building at CSULB.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Week 7 Open House

For the 7th weekly meeting, the designers at HFM held an open house for fellow design students and faculty to observe the formula fabrication work in progress. During this engagement, HFM faculty and students answered questions, gave demonstrations on the current process, and discussed the design with regards to form development. 
After the open house, representatives from GKDI arrived to the upper division workshop in order to evaluate the progress of both the formula mold and the baja fabrication process.

HFM Faculty instructor Max Beach discussing the primed mold in progress to various design students while enjoying his morning cup of coffee.

Armando Tongko (above center) discussing details in the formula fiberglass mold.

Design Representatives observing the formula fabrication process during the week 7 round-up.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project Update @ GKDI

Project HFM Team Managers recently met with class faculty to discuss the design progress at GKDI's studios (Project HFM's platinum sponsor). The reception went very well, with formal designs presented, and updates on graphics which are still being refined.  

 Greg Vanderpol, Amber Lundy, and Cesar Viramontes presenting the formula design process

Representatives from GKDI sit in front of baja and formula mock up models 

Stella Lee discussing graphics options with GKDI representatives.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Little Flashback

These animated GIFs from week 4 are too good not to share. The first shows a member of CSULB SAE practicing egress from the chassis with the formula design mocked up in cardboard. The second is design student Justyn Perzyna finessing details of the 1/4 scale clay model.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Project HFM featured in 4 Wheel Drive Magazine

The Off Road lifestyle publication 4 Wheel Drive Magazine features an article on project HFM. You can read the article on their blog.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Symmetry is the Best Policy

Here is a photo update of the formula foam mold refinement process. Much precision and preparation must be made to achieve equal measurements on both sides. While designers refine the front, other team members are chipping away at the back end of model.

Greg Vanderpol and Vic Promono sanding the sides of the mold-to-be with a focus on symmetry.

Amber Lundy Sawing excess pieces of foam from the formula mold.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Formula Full-Scale Evolution

For the past week, the Formula design team has been hard at work preparing a full-scale fiberglass mold. With an around-the-clock effort that involves sanding, measuring, sanding, measuring and more sanding, much progress has been made towards this stage's completion.

 Justyn Perzyna measuring the car.

 Armando Tongko starting to shave foam.

Cesar Viramontes marking up some necessary sanding areas.

 The progress as of Friday March 2.

It's looking like the clay model! Props to (from left to right) Greg Vanderpol, Victor Ramos, Vic Pramono, Richard Soohoo and the rest of the formula team for their days and hours of hard work shaping foam.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Formula Fabrication Buck

 The Formula design team is in the middle of an intensive fabrication process. The photos below show the making of a fiberglass mold buck. 


Baja Fabrication update

Now that designs are more or less finalized, with engineer approved mockups. Team Baja is in the stage of translating the design into fabrication. First, templates are cut out and measured based on the full scale mockup. The templates are then placed onto high density polyurethane sheets (the material used for the side panels) Meanwhile, a CAD file is in the works for a cnc mold for the front portion of the body.

Felix Danishwara (below left) and Josh Mead heat bending side panels