Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Evolution of Livery and Graphics

Livery and Graphics are something that has been explored since the first day of class. Five students came up with ten concepts each and from there voting was used to narrow down.  As the cars became more defined, two livery concepts were chosen to move forward with. Lantern and Pyramid.

On the formula team Greg Vanderpol explored how these themes could be applied, and Ulysses Martinez did the same for Baja. Finally the Pyramid theme was chosen as the livery that would be used on the final cars.

Blake Robertson and Greg Vanderpol came up with the final variation of Pyramid for the formula car, Ulysses Martinez and Stella Lee for the Baja, and Kara Rushforth for the helmets.

The original concept behind Lantern and Pyramid.

Early variations of Lantern on the formula car, by Greg Vanderpol.

Explorations of both Lantern and Pyramid, by Ulysses Martinez.

Final livery for formula car by Blake Robertson and Greg Vanderpol.

Final livery for Baja Car by Ulysses Martinez and Stella Lee.

 Final helmet livery for Formula (top) and Baja (bottom) by Kara Rushforth.

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