Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Week 5 update

Last Friday Concluded the transitional phase between the design and fabrication phases. Although both models need slight tweaking to fit engineering and competition standards, the models have been approved overall for fabrication. In addition, graphics and livery are being discussed for consideration, yet will be decided upon when fabrication is close to complete.


Ulises Martinez (above right) discussing Graphic concepts for the SAE Baja roadster.


Wind Tunnel Testing

Last friday, The Formula racer design team and SAE members collaborated on wind tunnel testing a quarter scale formula body clay mock-up. The model was placed inside the wind tunnel in order to test for wind resistance, otherwise referred to as "drag." By forcing a controlled amount of wind though the tunnel (45-60 mile winds) while the model is inside, engineers and designers can observe points for improvement with regards to air flow. The goal of these tests is to strive for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

Faculty Advisor Dr. Christiane Beyer (below) overseeing wind tunnel tests.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Half way mark!

The design seniors wrapped up the fourth out of eight weeks evaluating mockups and revisions with representatives of GKDI and CSULB SAE. The senior class is just about ready to work on full scale fabrications of the Baja and Formula race bodies, with slight modifications to be made from updated engineering specs.


 A Series of Formula dashboard designs (below)

Formula Mockups

During Week 4, the Formula design group put much attention towards the completion of full scale and quarter scale mockups. The quarter scale models were divided into two halves, with each half emphasizing different design options. The Full scale model was made using foam core with measurements and notes added on.

Greg Vanderpol, Armando Tongko, Cesar Viramontes, and Amber Lundy (top from left) working on a full scale formula mockup.

Justin Perzyna, Armando Tongko (top from left) and Victor Ramos (bottom left) refining quarter scale clay models

Materials Exploration

  The Senior Design Students focused this week on, among other things, the choice of materials for fabricating both the Baja and Formula race bodies. While the formula designers focus on fiberglass fabricating methods, the designers in Team Baja are exploring materials ranging from welded aluminum panels, to vacuum formed plastic panels, to fabrics for use on the Baja canopy.

Kat Morse and Eric Schmidt (bottom from left) demonstrating different materials for the Baja racer's removable canopy.

Tim Mraz (bottom left) giving a fiberglass demo to Formula car designers.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Third Week Wrap-Up

During finalized design presentations, the design class was fortunate to have representatives from both the CSULB SAE and from GKDI, our platinum sponsor in attendance. The meeting began with finalized design presentations, including quarter scale mockups.

Dave Chin and Felix Danishwara (pictured bottom from top left) presenting the Baja design mockup


Developing stages of the Formula Car Mockup (pictured below)

SAE Vice President Adam Rowe and President Joe Komenda (pictured below from left)

After receiving feedback from Max Beach and our esteemed guests,  The class sat down with designers from GKDI for a series of design tactics for refining and simplifying concepts and styling.

We followed our formal presentations with an after session dinner gathering. What better way to exchange ideas than over a friday feast - compliments of our crock-pot connoisseurs at the design department!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Post-Mixer Evaluations

           On the Friday morning following the Project: HFM mixer, the senior ID students met in order to discuss and refine current design concepts. Both the Formula and Baja design groups presented innovative and stylish concepts, validating the progress that this project is making overall.
          After presentations, the senior ID class and faculty highlighted designs for refinement. Based on our selections, each group has a more focused direction for agreeing on a final design. Expect to see finalized designs for the Baja and Formula racer within the next couple of days!
SAE Formula designers discussing frame concepts

Team Baja presenting logistics and concept designs

Designs are highlighted for preference and refinement

SAE formula designers Vic Pramono and Armando Tongko (pictured above) sketching revisions

Project HFM Mixer

This past Thursday, Project HFM held a mixer to get the word out on this exciting collaboration. The evening was a great success with over 40 faculty and professionals joining us and showing their enthusiasm.  As people walked around the senior studio at CSULB, they were able to view the Baja chassis, and a week's worth of work in moving toward a final design concept for both Baja and Formula cars.
After the mixer, our platinum sponsor GKDI spoke at the Duncan Anderson Lecture series, just down the hall in the design gallery. They blew everyone away with their amazing work and the motorcycles they brought to display in the gallery (a full-sized completely realistic prototype with some parts made of foam?! You can't beat that kind of skill).
Those who stuck around after the presentation, headed over to the Mechanical Engineering shop to check out the in-progress chassis. All-in-all it was a fun and eventful evening.

 Members of SAE club

 College of the Arts Dean Raymond Torres-Santos and College of Engineering Dean Dr. Forouzan Golshani

Professor David Teubner makes introductions

President of the Baja Team for SAE club, Joe Komenda (center in right photograph) talks about the baja chassis

Industrial Design students in charge of the Baja compiled potential build materials

Max Beach, instructor of Industrial Design senior studio with Dr. Christiane Beyer, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering professor and senior project advisor

A group stands around the formula chassis from prior SAE competitions

 A member of SAE club, talks about the new formula chassis with Industrial Design students